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The Kilarc Project

The News Page  was up-dated  March - 26-2011 

Welcome to the Kilarc Project web site. Davis Hydro intends to work with and through a non-profit foundation to continue the operation the Kilarc Hydropower facility in a manner that enhances fish resources, fish research, community services, and fishing in the area. This we call the Kilarc Project and it is an Alternative to PG&E's demolition proposal.

This page will change on a continuous basis as work goes on and we learn how best to implement the project in the future. Currently, Davis Hydro has proposed an alternative plan to enhance anadromy in the upper Sacramento.  This has evolved steadily since 2007.  It has been modified expanded and presented repeatedly.  A recent version finished in December 2010 and filed in January 2011 is available here.

In November 2010 and earlier, Steve Tetrick and group has engaged legal assistance and made excellent arguments why the Project should not removed. A recent filing (November 2010 is available here along with supporting documents here.

In response to PG&E releasing their License Surrender Application to demolish the Kilarc Facility. numerous groups and agencies have submitted comments on the Surrender License and have Intervened.  We have also released an issues paper that addresses the context of the evaluation of the alternatives to demolition.

Earlier - August 2008, Davis Hydro released the an earlier draft then called Reconstruction Alternative  to save Kilarc Reservoir, the Canal, and the Hydropower.  This Alternative to demolition meets everyone's objections, and far exceeds the fisheries gains produced by any other Alternative.  This Alternative reconstructs the Kilarc Canal as a major spawning habitat.  In this Alternative, the Canal is screened at the downstream end and seaward-moving fish are conveyed down to the Old Cow. This plan is a revision of the Alternative I that was distributed in April 2008 --- which, in turn, was based on an earlier similar proposal.

This Alternative focuses on the restoration of steelhead trout.  It is new and uses all of the existing infrastructure and augments it to emit a genetically rich steelhead juvenile population.  It will maintain the forebay much as we know it. It turns the canal into a productive fish production facility affording extensive research opportunities.  The hydro is expected to throw off profits and there will be an outreach off-project component that will improve habitat on willing ranches using a share of these moneys.

It does not address the South Cow which is the subject of separate current and future proposals and working papers.

The intention of this proposal is to provide an environmentally responsible Alternative to PG&E's demolition based decommissioning plan.